Vision & Mission


VSM was the company which is established in 2008; for the prefered company suppliers of all the national and international costumers.

Company activities are milling, processing, grinding, gearing and the other metal processing metods.

Continuous improvement, value-added process management, process improvement and customer satisfaction are key criteria in our success

To be the preferred supplier, VSM offers the highest quality, timely delivery and best price solutions.

We provide the necessary resources for project-based investments, up-to-date and modern machine park, technical knowledge, environmentally friendly production, efficient supply chain and qualified & satisfied personnel.


Our basic principles are to adhere to our vision of sustainable organizational structure, innovative approach, trust and transparency.

We believe that customer satisfaction is the basis of our future.

The safety front in our products and production facilities.

Processes focused on efficiency and productivity make us the preferred supplier. We design our processes to meet the needs of the automotive, defense, aerospace, construction machinery, electrical industry and other industrial requirements.